We care for tradition. We care for nutrition.

Over the years, Suguna Foods has built a reputation for itself in the poultry farming business and has gained the trust of communities of farmers across Asian and African continents.

Breeding Farms

Suguna Foods’ breeding farms are managed in top-notch facilities, where the quality of the breed has always been the priority. Poultry breeding here is facilitated in a very hygienic and safe environment. Our breeding farms also have well- equipped laboratories for poultry research on various lines including Layers, Parent Stock, and Pure Breeds.


With 80+ hatcheries in India and abroad, Suguna Foods consistently supports the farmer communities across the globe. We consistently leverage the power of cutting-edge technology to make our hatcheries very secure and create the most suitable conditions for the eggs to hatch. This enables us to align the standards of our hatcheries to that of international poultry standards.


Suguna Foods has an exclusive division for Layer birds, where the birds with egg-laying ability are raised with utmost care. We provide all the necessary conditions for the birds to lay eggs. We also have a dedicated research facility to study the laying capabilities of the birds. The eggs laid by the birds are categorized for different business verticals such as egg products and contract farming.

Contract Farming

Under the Contract Farming Model, a farmer would get all the essentials of poultry farming—day-old chicks, feed, medicines, and technical supervision. The farmers need to have hygienic infrastructure facilities to rear the birds. This model benefits the farmers and protects them from any market-related risks.